Swimming pool, bar on sundeck, lounge,dance floor, souvenir shop, Large television screen with video, dining room
All cabins are equipped with color television, video, stereo, Telephone, fully air conditioned.
Length 52.5 meters. Breadth 10 meters.
36 cabins, 78 passengers, four decks.


:: 38 Passenger cabins
:: Cabins have large panoramic windows.
:: Cabins are equipped with private W/C, shower and hair dryer.
:: TV, closed circuit video, telephone & music system.
:: Fully air-conditioned with individually controlled thermostats.
:: Mini fridge in all cabins.
:: Complete Laundry Facilities.
:: Large, luxurious lounge with bar.
:: Large restaurant to accommodate all passengers in one seating.
:: Reception.
:: Large sun deck with swimming pool and pool bar.
:: Gift shop.
:: Meeting space can be arranged if boat is totally chartered.